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Any consultation or up to three alterations to the prescribed orthotic is included in the purchase price in the period up to and including the 90th day after fitting. The clinic will on occasion insist on these alterations to achieve optimum results. Our money back 90 day guarentee starts again when the orthotic device has been altered. Any further alterations or consultations after the 90 day period are at the cost of the client. Compatible footwear should be worn to achieve maximum results, in accordance with the practitioners’ advice. To enable the Clinic to treat, manage and resolve biomechanical pain and discomfort it is most important that treatment is only carried out by practitioners at the Clinic during the 90 day guarantee, failure to do so will negate your guarantee.


The Costs of the prescribed orthotics are listed below.


A Deposit per pair of orthotics will be required on ordering. Full payment is required upon fitting and collection of the Prescription Laser Scanned Orthotics.


Prescription Laser Scanned Orthotics- All sizes - £167 - £398


The Shell of these orthtoics are guaranteed for 10 years against breakage and loss of shape. To enable us to offer this guarantee we insist on seeing you every 6 - 12 months (depending on whether you are a growing child or adult) to ensure you are getting the maximum benefit from your devices. Faliure to do this will negate your guarentee. Your statutory rights are not affected.


Delivery Terms


The Clinic will do it's upmost to have the orthotics ready within 3 weeks of receiving the deposit. On all occasions the patient will be required to return to the clinic to have the devices fitted.

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