Ady I just wanted to thank you for getting me fit and ready for the Prudential Ride - Surrey 100.
I completed the course in just under 6 hours, without any problems. This is mainly down to you and the work you did to sort out my knee problem.
I wish you well and a big thank you for everything.


Martin S – St Ives.


I would like to thank you for your professional and supportive manner.
You are truly a man of your word as per your advertisement. This is a rare trait at these times and I thank you for being kind and very professional in your actions. As I told you I am now waiting to see a surgeon in relation to my hip and back. So watch this space!
I have no hesitation in recommending you and your clinic. I am looking forward to the day I have no pain in the back, hip and feet.


Roy H – Peterborough.


After years of being unable to walk without pain a friend suggested I visited The Fane Clinic.
I thought that as I had suffered so much pain in my knees and feet for years no one could help.
From my first visit to Louise, Foot Health Practitioner, I felt I might possibly be able to get some assistance.
Louise suggested I book a free consultation with Ady which I did.
The consultation lasted 45 minutes to 1 hr which at the end of, Adrian diagnosed my flat type foot and their fallen arches as the problem. After many checks he suggested orthotics which I went ahead and ordered. (If they didn’t help there is a money back guarantee up to 90 days after receiving them).

They have completely changed my life. I now walk over 10,000 steps most days, without any pain.

More importantly my blood pressure which was very high has dropped tremendously and in my GPs words is “Spot on”.

I also no longer have to carry blister plasters with me.

Thank you to Louise, Ady and Stephanie not forgetting the lovely Emma on reception. I really look forward to my 6 weekly foot check and treatment at what is a lovely caring and welcoming friendly team.


Judy G – Peterborough



My five year old son James would wake up during the night crying with pain in his legs. We were referred to the Fane Clinic by a consultant orthopaedic surgeon. The pain disappeared after a few weeks of wearing the orthotics and the on going care from the clinic has been excellent. There has been a vast improvement in James’ posture, he no longer has flat feet.


Karen B – Lincolnshire



I just wanted to thank you again, for listening to my long list of problems involving my feet and your biomechanical assessment, which resulted in the recommendation of my new insoles.

As you know, I had been suffering for several months and I suppose lost faith in my ability to train like I felt I could. With the insoles, you recommended, I feel like an energised athlete again!

I now run, feeling like I have two extremely comfortable pillows stuck to my feet with the insoles, as they align my feet and body, which has thus resulted in a much better running technique and I now have no pain from the left side of my foot.

I am exceedingly pleased with your advice and will refer you on to my family and friends when the opportunity arises.

Thank you again and the half marathon will be much easier without the pain from before.

Indebted to you


Chris K - Peterborough



A big thank you to The Fane Clinic for sponsoring the Eye Charity 5 Run.


Nilesh P – Sue Ryder



I wanted to thank The Fane clinic for enabling me to tick off the London Marathon on my 'Bucket List'. Just over a year a go i kept breaking down with injuries around the 5 mile mark. The orthotics provided have kept me free from injury and able to train consistenly.


Stevenson B- Peterborough



I have been to the clinic on a number of occasions for both Chiropody and Sports Therapy. The staff are brilliant and very friendly. The treatment care and follow up is also of the same high standard. I would be lost without them.


Vanessa W – Lincolnshire



My experience of treatments at The Fane Clinic consists of friendly, professional service with good advice on top! I have recommended it to friends and fellow sports enthusiasts. Thank you guys!


Victoria B – Huntingdon



Adrian seem's to have "magic" hands! I see him whenever I have a problem and he sort's me out within 2 or 3 sessions.


Brian W - Peterborough



I thoroughly enjoy my foot health care treatment and appreciate any advice. I'm really pleased with my nails - they look and feel so much better.

The reflexology with Vicky was relaxing and I think it has helped me achieve quality sleep. Thank you both!


Ruth W - Peterborough



I have been a patient at the clinic for nearly 10 years now and I forget I'm coming for treatment! It's more like a pain-free chat with a friend!

Excellent service. Thank you!


Sarah H - Peterborough



I have been very pleased with the level of service provided by the Fane Foot Clinic, They are totally professional in all aspects and always happy to help.


Jan R – Cambridgeshire



Thank you very much for your time and efforts when I came to observe your work in the clinic. I have since presented back to my colleagues at Burnley Football Club all the options and methods we discussed and have found it very influential in our working procedures.

For future cases where we feel podiatry investigation will aid our observations your clinic is an option we will strongly consider for our players.

The medical team and I wish you well for the remainder of this year and hope to build upon my first meeting with yourselves at a latter date.


Luke B – Burnley Football Club


I wouldn't know what to do if it wasn't for The Fane Clinic sorting my feet out. They always sort my ingrown toenail, and the staff are very welcoming.



Carol L - Peterborough


I had worn uncomfortable, rigid and bulky orthotics, my new orthotics from the Fane Clinic felt comfortable immediately. I can’t believe the difference and very reasonably priced with excellent professional service.


Adrian B – Cambridgeshire


As a flat footed runner, I started to experience problems during marathon training last year with aching ankles, shin pain, heel pain and some stiffness in my feet in the mornings. I went to see Ady at the Fane Clinic for consultation/orthotics fitting where I was given a very thorough and professional examination. After only two weeks of using my prescribed orthotics my achy feet and shins have improved loads and thanks to Ady I can now look forward to a few more years of injury free running.

If you need orthotics the Fane Clinic should be your first port of call and is the place to go folks!


Rodney H – Peterborough


Having suffered with shoulder and back pain for weeks, after visiting Vicky at The Fane Clinic the pain totally went within a few days.


Mark C - Lincolnshire


I have been a patient at the clinic for a number of years. The treatment is always very good. The Fane Clinic are a team of very caring practitioners. I recomend to go there.

Thank You!


Freya P - Peterborough


I just wanted to say thank you to the staff at The Fane Clinic.

I came in a few months ago with pain in my Achilles Tendon. I had suffered with this pain for several years and have an active job involving lots of walking. I was worried I was going to rupture my tendon and suffer a lengthy recovery. I was given customised orhtotics and was initially sceptical that they would work.

I can now say that despite my scepticism, the pain has gone along with the lump on my ankle. I can't believe it was such a simple solution; I wish I had dont this year's ago.


Rebecca N - Peterborough


After suffering for many years with a painful knee and heel I can once again enjoy a daily walk free from pain and misery. The Fane Clinic has changed my life.


Graham P - Cambridgeshire


My ankle, knee and back pains have completely gone thanks to the Fane Clinic and their brilliant orthotics.


Lauren S - Derbyshire


I have been a patient of Ady's for many years. He always treats my injuries and I wont go to any other clinic, he provides me with rehabilitation programs and always explains my injuries thoroughly.


 Gary E - Peterborough


For the past few years I have put up with severe pains in my knees and feet, as a result of an accident I had twenty years ago. I have consulted a number of different doctors and Physiotherapists about this and have been told basically that there was little I could do; to stop playing sport and worst of all “well you’ve got to expect it to hurt”. I have been unable to climb a flight of stairs without experiencing pain, let alone play sports like football or Rugby.

Within two weeks of having my new orthotics fitted, I was able to play a game of football; I have not experienced any pain in knees for weeks now. These insoles are absolutely incredible, I cannot believe how simple and easy the whole process was for me.

Once again thank you.


Neil R – Milton Keynes


I live in Portugal and been suffering for several years with ankle pain and swelling, a business acquaintance suggested that I pay a visit to the Fane Clinic for a free assessment. I underwent an hour long biomechanical examination and subsequently was prescribed orthotics as I felt I had nothing to lose as the clinic offer a 100% money back guarantee if the orthotics are unsuccessful up to 90 days

The difference the orthotics have made to my quality of life is incredible, thank you to Steve and Adrian at the Clinic.


Tracey - Portugal



I was sceptical but as I had nothing to lose decided to give orthotics a try. I have had ankle pain for many years and for the past few months, knee pain, which has been getting progressively worse. After a through assessment, corrective orthotics were prescribed and duly arrived 3 weeks later. After wearing the insoles for 2 days my knee pain had all but disappeared and my ankle pain 70% less painful.

After a couple of weeks wearing the orthotics the pain in both areas has almost gone and I have a spring in my step again!

Many thanks to the Fane Foot Clinic for a very friendly and positive experience.


Lynn W – Cambridgeshire


Since wearing my orthotics I have noticed that my posture has improved, my knees no longer roll inwards, my hips point forward and I don't hunch forwards as I used to. All in all, I'm looking forward to being a happier, healthier pain-free version of me. 

No excuses, I'm planning on making 2017 the year I get fit again!


for the full review go to: deepinmummymatters.com 


Irish Team Pursuit Member (Track Cyclist)

2015, 2nd at the National Irish Road Race and 2nd at the National Irish Omnium (track cycling)


I had been suffering with severe numbness in my left foot as well as a tight calf whilst cycling in addition to back and shoulder pain for over a year. In September 2014 I suffered a break of my 2nd metatarsal, an injury generally not associated with cycling. The doctor informed me the injury was due to poor biomechanics and it was several months before I could return to cycling. Upon returning to cycling the symptoms resurfaced and I was determined to find a solution rather than ignore the issue. I tried several generic insole alternatives, none of them addressed the problem and I continued to suffer. I found the Fane Clinic on the internet and upon communication with Ady and Steve went for a free assessment. I was incredibly impressed with Ady and Steve’s professional manner and using their combined podiatry and physiotherapy knowledge immediately identified biomechanical errors on the bike and also whilst standing/walking. Following a 3D laser scan of my feet the process to build the specific, individual, personalised orthotics began. The Fane Clinic made a special effort to produce the orthotics quickly, further emphasising their commitment to providing excellent service (and in Irish green). Reassured by the 100% money back guarantee I put the insoles to the test straight away with a gruelling weekend of training on them. I was immediately pleased with how the orthotic felt. The general symptoms of tight calf and back which generally develops into numbness in my foot just didn’t develop. It was such a massive relief to be able to cycle and not experience constant discomfort. I also found that in general I felt considerably less fatigued after cycling and when I stretched my muscles didn’t feel anywhere near as tight and sore as they usually did after training. 

I have been using the insole for a few weeks now. My massage therapist is amazed by the difference and has noticed a significant loosening in the muscles of my calf, back and shoulder. I have noticed the benefit off the bike as well and now experience minimal discomfort in my back and shoulder. In addition to discomfort free cycling I am convinced the orthotics have helped with my performance as I no longer experience a decrease in power transfer during cycling. It is truly priceless to be able to pursue my passion content in the knowledge that the orthotics are having a positive effect on my whole body, removing the debilitating numbness, aiding recovery and improving performance. As my body feels better I will be less likely to experience injury and time away from the bike.  I am exceptionally grateful to all the staff at Fane Clinic and would highly recommend their service to any active person experiencing pain and discomfort whilst participating in sports. 


Lydia G - Birmingham


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