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Some of the conditions we treat may be familiar to you, many serious sports men and women regularly suffer with pain during their respective sporting activities or during supplementary training. It is often remarked that pain is part of active and sustained training and should be accepted as such ("No gain, without pain") but it is not normal and most sporting injuries can often be avoided or successfully addressed and eliminated.

Biomechanical Cycling Assessment

- to prevent or treat cycling related injuries and improve power, efficiency and comfort on your bike. We produce specialist prescription orthotics designed with cycling in mind.


Biomechanical Running Assessment

-to prevent or treat running related injuries and improve power. Our running orthotics will assist with improving your potential and performance.

Our specialist sports orthotics will allow you to perform and enjoy your chosen sport to your optimum ability and potential, hopefully pain free.


Our sports orthotics are tailored with specific sport requirements in mind, some sports for example demand a flexible orthotic to enable rapid directional changes, some need to incorporate shock absorption qualities to cope with high impact.


Just some of the many sports injuries we treat...


Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain) - A dull or sharp pain in the heel and medial arch area usually severe in the morning when getting out of bed or after long periods of sitting.

Medial Knee Pain - Often caused by an over pronating foot.


Achilles Tendinosis - Shortened calf and Achilles structures.


Lower Back Pain (Sacroiliac Dysfunction) - Inflammation of the Sacroiliac joint from a biomechanical fault.


Jogger's Foot - Impingement of the medial plantar nerve.


Ankle Sprain - Unstable ankle from repetitive injury due to incorrect foot position.


Morton's Syndrome - Pain between the metatarsals of the foot caused by nerve entrapments.


Knee Pain (Patella-Femoral Syndrome) - A dull nagging pain around the side of the knee cap, usually worse after walking upstairs or active sports.


Shin Pain (Shin Splints, Tibial Stress Syndrome) - Pain in the shin area is common with distance runners and walkers.


Ball of Foot Pain (Metatarsalgia) - Usually causes a burning sensation in the forefoot sometimes may feel like a lump underneath the ball of the foot.

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