Medical Acupuncture 

Medical acupuncture or dry needling is an adaptation of the traditional Chinese method, by inserting fine sterile needles to specific points in the muscles for a therapeutic effect. This method of treating can help promote natural healing and improve functions within the body.


By targeting points know as trigger points or muscular knots the aim is to sedate these points relieving pain. A trigger point is a highly sensitive and irritable area within the muscles. These points often lead to an increase in muscular stiffness and tenderness eventually causing a decrease in range-of-motion.

Victoria Hookway

BSc (Hons)

Sports Therapist

These sessions will sometimes include deep tissue massage. Our therapist will tailor the treatment to each individual ensuring the best treatment.


A full medical history is obtained prior to treatment. Some medical conditions will contra-indicate medical acupuncture from being carried out. Please check before booking your appointment.


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